Giulio Papi: 'Creative decisions are taken by the market'

‘People often confound complicated and complex – these words are not synonyms. Here’s an example to illustrate this: it is not complicated to cook a plate of spaghetti, however it is complex to prepare two identical spaghetti plates in which all threads are arranged exactly the same way with the same amount of sauce on each dish. People who do not like spaghetti are complicated’. 

27 Nov 2018
— Giulio Papi
Andreas Strehler: 'Who said the movement is the most important part?'

‘You can read in any magazine – I’d bet in yours too – that the movement is the most important part. But in reality it’s absolutely not. There are three elements that sell a watch: dial, case and strap. If you put a wrong strap on your watch you won’t sell it’.

6 Nov 2018
— Andreas Strehler
ArtyA's Ivan Arpa: 'I hate every kind of routine'

‘If we look at the roots, the world ‘watch’ means ‘watch me’ or ‘watch what I wear’, ‘montre‘ in French means ‘show’. We are talking status symbol objects, social modern tribal decoration. Moreover, time counts down the days left for us on this planet, so all this is very emotional and should be treated in a different way in order to better understand each other and the world around. My work hypothesis is that nobody really needs a watch anymore. So I decided to position ArtyA as a Masterpiece of Art, mostly in unique pieces or extremely limited series. As Hippocrates said: ‘Life is short but Art is eternal’.

27 Jul 2017
— Ivan Arpa
Kari Voutilainen: 'I will never tolerate any compromises on quality'

‘High-end watchmaking should follow neither trends nor fashion. We should walk our own path instead of taking a highway. You know, it’s just like wine: you can’t produce quality wine in huge quantities. If you try to please everybody, it will miss character and lose its identity’.

6 Oct 2016
— Kari Voutilainen
Aaron Becsei: ‘It’s a completely different story comparing to mass production’

‘Finishing is one of the most important if not the most important part of a high-end watchmaking. That’s the real difference between mass production and high-end level pieces. In case of a Bexei watch, the finishing takes months. There’re about 200 components with 10 operations each, so it’s about 2000 operations for just one watch’.

9 Jul 2019
— Aaron Becsei